My Croatian Adventure

The main place for presentation and promotion of the entire Croatian tourist offer – from accommodation, through night life and gastronomy, to adventure and culture offers.

I'm responsable for all the visuals  from desktop to mobile design and wireframes.

You can see this project online:

Implementation was done by my development partners: Dream Implementation.

what to search?

Chose your budget, accommodation type, activities and most important - plan your route.

My CAD suggests all you need from point A to point B.

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1 picture... 1000 words

Content is extended with author's pictures from exact locations and activities.

What you see is what you get!



No matter how one surfs the web, whether by desk-top, tablet or by mobile, MyCAD provides an easy access portal for all travellers.

Information Architecture

and this is how my design projects starts. This is a result of one workshop with client.

Yes, we brainstormed a lot:)